Ma‘hadal Ulum Diniyyah Islamiyyah Mesjid Raya (MUDI Mesra) is an Islamic Educational Institution situated in Mideun Jok, Mesjid Raya, Samalanga, District of Bireuen, Aceh Province. Dayah MUDI Mesjid Raya has established along with the construction of Mesjid Raya (the Grand Mosque) which the cornerstone laying done by Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636 AD). The first leader of this dayah known as Faqeh Abdul Ghani, although unfortunately it has gone unrecorded as to how long did he preside and who replaced him.

It was in 1927, when the leadership record of this institution became clear. From this year on Dayah MUDI Mesjid Raya led by al-Mukarram Tgk. H. Syihabuddin bin Idris with number of santri (read: students) around 100 male and 50 female. They being thought by 5 male teachers and only 2 female teachers.  In accordance to the conditions of the times, the dormitory buildings were in form emergency barracks which built from bamboo and thatch.

After the death of Tgk. H. Syihabuddin bin Idris in 1935, Dayah MUDI led by his brother-in-law al-Mukarram Tgk. H. Hanafiah bin Abbas whom know better as Tgk. Abi. The number of students in is time increased to 150 male and 50 female. The dormitory building and the classes condition has not changed from the previous leader. During the time of Tgk. Abi, the leadership of this ma'had was once switch to Tgk. M. Shaleh for two years, during which Tgk. Abi went to Mekkah to perform Hajj and also study Islam.

Tgk. H. Hanafiah died in 1964, his son-in-law Tgk. H. Abdul Aziz bin M. Shaleh took charge. Al-Mukarram who because of his specialty in Logics called "al-Mantiqi". He's one of students of Abuya Muda Wali, head of Dayah Bustanul Muhaqqiqin Darussalam Labuhan Haji in West Aceh.

Since Abon Abdul Aziz took charge, Dayah MUDI had increased the number of santri mainly from within Aceh and Sumatera. From the infrastructure also has improved where the dormitories become semi permanent with two storeys and permanent with three storeys from the emergency type before. For female students also built a two-storeys dormitory which can hold 150 person, the first floor of the building used as Mushalla.

When Tgk. H. Abdul ’Aziz bin M. Shaleh passed away in 1989, the next leader was decided by a resolution from the alumnee and the community. After a meeting, the alumnee trusted the leadership of Dayah MUDI to one of Abon's son-in-law, Tgk. H. Hasanoel Bashry bin H. Gadeng. He is a senior santri of Dayah MUDI who has started to manage dayah ever since Abon Abdul Aziz healt worsen.

During the time of Tgk. H. Hasanoel Bashry who known as Abu MUDI, the educational institution has improved a lot with number of students increased by a lot. These students are not only from within Aceh, but also from other province even from abroad.

Dayah MUDI Mesjid Raya leader from time to time
1. Tgk. Faqeh Abdul Ghani
2. Tgk. H. Syihabuddin bin Idris (1927-1935)
3. Tgk. H. Hanafiah bin Abbas (1935-1964)
4. Tgk. H. Abdul `Aziz bin M. Shaleh (1964-1989)
5. Tgk. H. Hasanoel Bashry bin H. Gadeng (1989-now)
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